Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Words as Creative Writing Prompts

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Since it was on this day that the first book of crossword puzzles was published, I found some random words from two crossword puzzles and you can play with them any way you would like. 

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Write a poem with 8 lines, using one of the random words in each line.  Then pick the line you like best and write a poem with that line as the title.

Story Writing Prompt:  Write the opening line of a story using at least 5 of the words.  Then freewrite on that story for fifteen minutes.

Creative Nonfiction Prompt:  Pick one word that triggers a memory and write about the memory.

Random Words of the day:

lava, single, acres, gears, wear, soda, cigar, double-decker, mock, stray, prime, morph, RSVP, moss, scam, sirens, chain, slant, bend

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