Thursday, April 28, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Small Boat

Christopher Howells |

For me, one of the most relaxing things is being on a small lake in a boat about the size of the boat in this picture.  I have fond memories of fishing with my dad and grandfather.  I especially loved stopping at the bait store before we left in Grandpa's truck because they always let me pick out candy bars and other snacks to take along.

Creative Nonfiction Prompt:  Write about any memories you have about fishing.

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Read the poem "Fishing" by A.E. Stallings by clicking here.

After you read the poem, write your own poem about fishing.

Fiction Writing Prompt:

Write a scene with two characters who are fishing. 

Drama Writing Prompt:  Write a monologue where a character explains why fishing is important to him or her.

Free Write Prompt:  Write from the picture for 10 minutes without stopping.

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