Friday, April 8, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Kathie Giorgio

Today I'm very thrilled to introduce our first guest prompter, Kathie Giorgio, the director of AllWriters' Workplace and Workshop.  Kathie was my writing teacher after I finished college.   I learned more from Kathie about the writing life in one year than I did in all my years of college combined.  I'd like to say thank you to Kathie for providing today's creative writing prompts and for being such a great teacher who helps get writers where they want to be.  You can read more about Kathie under the prompts.  ENJOY the prompts and have a wonderful weekend.  Also, don't forget to comment!
Creative Writing Prompts on Dali Time 
by Kathie Giorgio 

Poetry Writing Prompt:

Clocks are often used in literature as a metaphor for the passing of time.  In this painting, time doesn’t seem to be passing, but melting away.  Spend the next twenty minutes writing the rough draft of a poem where time melts, rather than flies. Try to connect in a new way with the idea of a clock as metaphor.  Your working title is, “Time Melts.”

Fiction Writing Prompts:

While looking at the painting, start to formulate an idea for a short story.  You can take this storyline one of two ways:
1)      Write a story in which the painting becomes literal: A person is holding a pocket watch and it begins to melt in his hand.
2)      Write a story in which the painting is metaphorical.  Write about a person who feels like time is melting away from his grasp.

Journal Writing Prompt:

Try to remember what it was like to learn to tell time.  Did you learn on a clock face or digitally?  When did time become a concrete concept for you?  Start your journal entry with, “Time began to have a meaning for me when…”

KATHIE GIORGIO’S first novel, “The Home For Wayward Clocks,” was released on February 1, 2011, by Mint Hill Books, a division of Main Street Rag Publishing Company.   New stories will be appearing soon in Lalitamba, Karamu, Alimentum, Gemini, and Evening Street Review.  Her poem, "In Retrospect," appears now in Fearless Books' newest anthology on love and touch.  Her short stories have appeared in Los Angeles Review, Harpur Palate, Fiction International, Dos Passos Review, Ars Medica, Thema, CutThroat, The Pedestal, Bayou, Epiphany, Eclipse, Potomac Review, Arabesques Review, Hurricane Review, Oyez Review, Jabberwock Review, Karamu Review, Reed Magazine, The Binnacle, Licking River Review, Bellowing Ark, Hiss Quarterly, Midway Journal, The Externalist, Fogged Clarity, and many more.  Her stories have also been in anthologies by Papier Mache Press, Main Street Rag Publishing Company, EBibliotekos, and Susurrus Press.  She has been the featured author in Women Writers’ ezine.  She’s been nominated twice for the Million Writer Award and for the Best of the Net anthology.  She is the director and founder of AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop, a creative writing studio.  She also teaches for Writers’ Digest and serves on their advisory board.

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