Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Crocus and Random Words

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Today, for your creative writing prompts, please pick from the following words or any version of the words below.   (For eample, if you would rather use "familiar" instead of "unfamiliar," that is fine.  Or "snoozed" instead of "snooze," etc.)

flitter, inscribe, trickle, reclaim, darken, refuse, crocus, hard knock, unfamiliar, find, snooze, elite, peer, clipped grass, sand trap, crash, snowbird, pail, tulip, willingly

Poetry Prompts: 

1.  Pick one word to be the title of your poem and write a 10 line poem.
2.  Pick at least 7 of the words and use them in a poem. 

Memoir Writing Prompt:  Pick 4 words to weave together a memory and write at least one paragraph about the memory. 

Fiction Writing Prompt:  Pick at least 4 words to start a story.  Put yourself on a timelimit of 8 minutes for both the opening line and what follows.  Continue if you would like to. 

And for your free-write prompt, study the picture.  See how something beautiful pops up of the soil which looks pretty "blah."  Reflect on the image and the concept, then write, write, write.

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