Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Cat, Dog, and Random Words

Creative Writing Prompts

Today your prompts are based on the picture below along with some random words.

Random Words:  bus, breeze, heeled, baby blue, jungle, parallel, lift, moon, imagine, wild, icy white, sway, tight, away, poppy, seek, speckled, luck

Fiction Writing Prompt: 

Write a story about  what happened before the cat and dog arrived where they are now.  Use at least 5 of the random words in your story. 

Caption Writing Exercise:  Write a caption for this photo using one of the random words in your caption.  After you write the caption, you can write a  paragraph about what happens next. 

Poetry Writing Prompts: 

1.  Use at least 5 of the random words in a short poem about any subject of your choice in 15 lines or less.

2.  Give one of the animals a name and write a poem about the animal.  Use at least 4 of the random words in your poem.

Bonus Writing Practice Prompt:  Make an opening line with at least four of the random words.  Use it for an opening line of a story or poem.  You can use any other words you want to in your opening line, but limit your sentence to under 18 words.

Many thanks to the photographer of today's photo, Jiri Vaclavek , and Dreamstime.com for making this photo available.

If you would like to celebrate National Poetry Month by learning more about poetry, I highly recommend the book below by Steve Kowit.

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