Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts Inspired by "The Country" by Billy Collins

Creative Wrting Prompts:  A Little Bit Billy Collins, A Little Bit Country Mouse

photo by LockStockBob,

I am partial to mice right now because my son, who has limited langauge ability, has been speaking about a character he refers to as "Ultra Mouse."  Apparently, "Ultra Mouse" is associated with Obama, and on request, I've been asked to make up stories about "Ultra Mouse."  It is an interesting mystery, but I go with it. 

Today's prompts for creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry are all the same.  In celebrating Natinal Poetry Month, I am providing the link to the Billy Collins' animated poem, "The Country," to inspire you, and you can turn a few of these little phrases from the poem (which I listed below) into any genre you would like. 

Here is the link to the animated poem:

Phrases as prompts:

"The one unlikely mouse. . . "
"The tiny looks of wonderment. . . "
"Behind the floral wallpaper. . ."

Title as a prompt:  Title a story, poem or short memory, "The House in the Country."

And for a bonus children's story writing prompt, "The Crazy Adventure of Ultra Mouse" is your title.  Write a short story about "Ultra Mouse" in less than 1,000 words.

Happy Writing!

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