Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Yellow Spring Flowers

Here's to Springtime!  We are having great weather lately and everyone around here has spring fever.

Today's prompts are based on the photo, "Young Woman Enjoying Spring" by Melinda Nagy.

Poetry Prompt:  Write a poem about how you enjoy spring.  Is it in a nature hike?  A spring dance you look forward to?  Is it the flowers?  If it's the flowers, be specific and name them.

Fiction Writing Prompt:  This woman in the picture looks like she is having a pretty good day.  Write a story about what happened to make her day so great.  What happened before she got to the field of flowers? Don't forget to give the woman a name.

Creative Nonfiction:  Write a memory you have about spring from when you were little. 

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