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Writing Prompts: Have a Day of Swans, Hollyhocks and Splashing. . .

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On Tuesday, The Writer's Almanac featured a fantastic list poem by Lou Lipsitz called, "Have a -------_ Day."  The poem is a clever list poem that brings the term "Have a Nice Day" to shame.  Lipsitz' poem is a list of surprising wishes for your day.  Here is a little excerpt from the middle of the poem:

. . . Have a day of endearing nonsense,
of hopelessly combing your hair,
a day of yielding, of swallowing
hard, breathing more deeply,
a day of fondness for beetles. . .

Creative Writing Prompts for July 7, 2011

Warm-up:  If you are able, please read the entire poem by Lou Lipsitz.  After reading the poem, create a list of your own fun wishes for what kind of day you want to have or you'd like someone else to have.  Be outrageous and go wild.  Have fun and hold nothing back.  Write for 5 minutes without stopping. 

Poetry Prompt:  Model a list poem after the example poem. Weave your list into a poem with a clever ending. 

Fiction Writing Prompts:  Below are some story starters based on the Lipsitz poem.  Pick one or make your own original to start a story from.  Write for 5 minutes and see what you get.

1.  He was looking forward to a day of diving into cool water. . .

2.  It was a day of soaking rain and lightning. . .

3.  The sisters were having a day of hair-yanking jealousy and meanness.  It all started when. . .

Creative Nonfiction

Think of a fond summer memory.  Write about your memory starting with the phrase, "It was  a day of. . . "

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