Monday, July 25, 2011

Abstract Writing Prompts

Abstract Art, Dubai by Virtual BCM-Bobb & Company Marketing
Abstract Art, Dubai, a photo by Virtual BCM-Bobb & Company Marketing on Flickr.

"Abstract Art... is part of the constant change and vital searching that energizes every true art."  (Leonard Brooks)

For today, we are going to do abstract writing prompts based on the picture above. 

1.  Free-Write Prompt:  Write for 5 minutes about the energy you feel, see and hear from this work of abstract art.

2.  After your free-write, write either a short essay or story (minimum of 300 words) or poem (10-20 lines) inspired by the painting.  Use your notes from the free-write to keep you going.

Please feel free to post part of your work or what you think about the painting.

Happy Writing!!!

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