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4th of July Writing Prompts 2011

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4th of July Fireworks Writing Prompts

Happy 4th of July! 

When I was a child, 4th of July was a little scary.  I was horrified of fire, and I can remember going inside the house or garage when it came time to light sparklers with my sister and cousins.  Eventually, I got more used to them, but I would hold them from as far away from my body as I could, and I wouldn't twirl them and skip around like the other kids did.  I have no idea where the fear came from, but to this day I am not very comfortable around fire. 

I did love fireworks, though.  My family would walk down to the neighborhood school where we would have a beautiful view of the fireworks show that was coming from the county fairgrounds.  I loved the different colors and forms.  Like most kids, I was disappointed to see it all end.  But how I loved the grand finale when so many colors exploded at once! It always gave me such a magical feeling, a rush of excitement. And when I reflect on those times now, I can still feel that same feeling, and it is true happiness and sacredly special.    I think I felt safe watching the fireworks because I knew they were so far away, but probably mostly because my family was all standing closely together without any other distractions, just the fireworks and us. 

For today's creative writing exercises, you are going to make a list of places where you have seen fireworks.  After you have about 5-10 things on your list, pick one and write a short memory about watching the fireworks in that place.  Include how you felt, who you were with,what the occasion was, etc. 

Fiction Writing:  Pick a place from your list and start a short story in that setting.  Write for 15 minutes without stopping. 

Poetry Writing:  Write a haiku with a reference to fireworks.  See my post on haiku if you need to refresh the general rules. 

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