Monday, July 11, 2011

Writing and Imagery

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Writing and Imagery Creative Writing Prompts

Today we will explore imagery.  I want you to go to the poem which is featured on Your Daily Poem.  It is by Mary Jo Balistreri and it is called "Poetry."   Within this poem, you will find some strong nature images.  Which one is your favorite? 

Today, I want you to explore nature and collect a list of images.  Please feel free to share your images in the comments section.

Poetry Writing Prompt:

Pick an image from your list and start a poem with it. 

Memoir Writing Prompt:

Mary Jo's poem is filled with imagery that is based around the scene of camping.  Do you have any memories of camping?  Please write about one.

Fiction Writing Prompts:

Below are some story starters based on Mary Jo's poem.  Pick one and write from that for five minutes without stopping.

1.  When they heard a wolf's wail echoing from the woods, they were not afraid because. . .

2.  She found comfort in the unseen sounds of . . .

3.  Reflections were shining from. . .

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