Be a Guest Prompter

If you would like to be a "guest prompter," I'd be delighted.  Here are the guidelines for contributing ideas:

GUIDELINES: Prompts for Writers Guest Prompter Information
Prompts for Writers offers writing prompts every week. What is unique about the prompts at Prompts for Writers is that we offer more than one option, as this blog includes ideas for writers to embrace more than one genre. All prompts should be appropriate for both teens and adults since teachers are utilizing the site to inspire young writers.

Please check out the site so you can get a feel for how I normally approach the prompts. You should present the prompts in your own style, but you want to offer at least two options.

I would love the prompt to include a picture of you, a link to your website and a paragraph of biographical information. If there is a website selling your book, I will link to that, too. Any photo or video that you would like to include to enhance the prompt is welcome, so long as we have rights to put it in the blog.

Also, if you have a poem or very short piece of prose (previously published-OK) that you think would inspire me to write a prompt for another posting, you are welcome to offer that to me so that I might use it as a prompt in the future. I would put the poem up for view, offer a couple of prompts from it, add your bio and links with that, too. 

There is no pay for contributing prompts, but hopefully the publicity will make it worth your while.

On the day your prompt is featured, I would love to "Tweet" quotes by you if you are up for that. So if you provide a few quotes from any of your work or just your own witty little quotes, I'd love to use some in the Tweets of the day. I always put a link to the blog after each Tweet. They have to be short because I need to put in your name and the link along with your quote, and Twitter limits them to 140 characters. You can send me up to 5 quotes. You can find Prompts for Writers if you look up WritePrompts on Twitter.

If you would like to send me info I can use for a prompt, please submit the full prompt to WritePrompts (at)

Thank you for your consideration in being a part of  my mission to offer inspiration and encourage people to tune into their own creativity.  I believe it makes the world a better place. 

Yours in the Arts,