Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing Prompts with Random Words and a Rose

For your free-write assignment today, I ask you to free-write about the person holding the rose.

Our other writing prompt options for today are to use the random words below to compose 3 to 5 sentences using a minimum of 3 words from the list per sentence.  You can change the forms of the words if you wish, like making something plural, etc.  After you compose some sentences, pick one sentence to start a poem, a story, a memoir, etc.  

Happy Writing!

Your random words for today are:

drizzle, more, peaches, moon, skinny, melon, operation, mutter, stand, poppy, anniversary, pebbly, Scottish, spite, meadow, between, anticipation, glance, jaybird blue, cluster, bummer, break, come back, honey, kiss, last, grow, stretch

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