Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Words Writing Prompts

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Description:  Waterfall on the forest

On this beautiful Thursday, I have picked out some random words to inspire our creative writing prompts.  You are welcome to alter these words in any way you like.  Today's words are:

lather, lilac, sway, scarf, diamond, coating, pasta, slick, barrel, loose, relive, music, sunburned, great blue heron, worthwhile, drift, relive, scratch, groovy, egg-yolk yellow, east, poke, ritual, glimmer, search

Fiction Writing Prompt:  Pick at least 3 words to write an opening paragraph to a story. 

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Write a poem where each line contains one of the words from today's random word list.  Make your poem a minimum of 5 lines.

Creative nonfiction prompt:  Do any of the words provoke a memory for you?  If so, write about it. 

Picture Prompt:  Write a paragraph about today's picture using at least 3 of the words from the list. 

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