Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red Truck Writing Prompts

Today's prompt is brought to you courtesy of Red Oak Publishers.  The whimsical picture, "Red Truck," is by Wisconsin artist Toni Pawlowsky.  Toni's artwork is featured on both Red Oak printed cards (with verse or blank) and is free as an ecard

Your writing prompts today will be based on the painting.

Fiction Writing Prompts:

1.  Look at the picture and write a story about where they are  going today.  Notice how the dogs are all in place for a road trip.  Where will this character take them and why?  What will they do?  What will they encounter?

2.  Study the person in the painting and write a character sketch about her.  What is her name?  What are her hobbies and passions in life?  What is her relationship like with her dogs?  Where do they live?  Write about this character for at least 5 minutes without stopping.

Poetry and Creative Nonfiction Prompts:

If you visit the Red Oak card site, you'll find a super awesome "quote-o-matic" machine that features a new quote every time you go to a new page or refresh the page.  All quotes in the quote-o-matic are by poet Ellis Felker, Red Oak's founder.  One quote states:

"A simple life is what I ask.  Just a life full of hill sitting and west watching." 

Write an essay or poem about the simple pleasures of summer that bring you peace.

Many thanks to Ellis Felker and Toni Pawlowsky for inspiring today's prompts.  I discovered Red Oak cards years ago, and I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are of excellent quality, the artwork is amazingly beaituful, and you can't beat the price.  Spread some joy and send one of their free ecards today.  The process is simple and there are no crazy flash ads or registration requited.  You can get there by clicking here. 

About Ellis Felker and Red Oak Publishers

Ellis Felker founded Red Oak Publishers in 1976. It all started with the publishing of his first little book of poems, Childhood River. In 1983 he began publishing photographic cards and posters. Gradually he added the work of other fine artists and photographers to the Red Oak line.

From clowns to cows to crocuses, Red Oak cards depict inspired scenes from all across the world - or from deep within the imagination. All cards are available either greeted or blank, and all are printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks. On the back of each is the encouraging motto, 'Find the good - and praise it.'
Today, from their rural Wisconsin address, Red Oak distributes cards, posters and across the country. 

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