Monday, June 20, 2011

Writing Prompts Inspired by Phillip F. Deaver

Tatyana Chernyak |

If you are able, please read the poem "Gray" by Phillip F. Deaver that was featured on The Writer's Almanac last week.  Please read it before reading the next paragraph if you don't want to know the ending right now.

In Phillip's poem, we learn about the life of a family through things about the kitten and things the kitten did.  Note that one of the technique's Phillip uses to make this poem effective is that he draws into the kitten's life (stanza 1), then tells us about the family problem (stanza 2), and then ends us with more sad news about the kitten (stanza3).  With this technique we are drawn into both the kitten and the family, and we are left grieving for both. This poem may seem simple on the surface, but it is layered with two stories, and down to earth with a theme that many of us can relate to. 


Writing Prompts:

Did you ever have a pet? 

1.  Write a short memoir or poem about a pet you once had.  Focus on things your pet did, whether with you or without you, and let the things your pet did define who each of you are and what the relationship was through the pet's actions.

For the next set of writing prompts, I've taken phrases inspired by the poem and you can just go with them.  Set your timer for at least five minutes and write without stopping. 

2.  Poetry prompt: 

Through the walls to our family life. . .

3.  Fiction and Memoir Starters:

a.  She knew where we were going. . .
b.  After our family broke. . .
c.  Months after we were gone. . .


Attention Readers:  How is this blog working for you?  We are always looking for comments and feedback.  You can also post some of your writing from the prompts.  Thank you! 

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