Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Words Writing Prompt

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Today we will combine the picture with random words (or any version of the random words) for our creative writing prompts.  You will find the random words below. 

1.  Use 4 of the words below to write an opening sentence that connects with the picture.  Then write for 5 minutes without stopping use that sentence as your starting point.

2.  Poetry Writing:  Write a poem about the picture in 10 lines or less.  Choose a word from the list to be your title. 

3.  Use either the picture OR the some of the words to to write about whatever you want.  Write for 10 minutes without stopping. 

Random Words:
wonderment, struggle, lemon drop, ridge, burnish, vein, sweetness, 24, mouth, choose, twin, primitive, banish, glaze, up, hand print, gaze, recall, auction, chicken, future, city, tree, forget, melody, solo, bead, fly, unwind, stone, change, drum, cymbal

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