Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts About Feelings

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For today's creative writing prompts, I would like everyone to look at the picture and write down what you think the girl might be feeling, and/or what she might be thinking in her head. (Examples:  I can't believe she did that to me! OR What am I going to do now?) Write for about two minutes. 

Creative Writing Prompts

1.  Creative Nonfiction Prompt:

Have you ever felt any of the emotions from the list?  Write about it.

2.  Fiction Writing Prompt:  Write the scene about what happened to the girl before the picture.


Dialogue Practice:  Write a scene about the girl and someone else coming into the picture to ask her, "What's wrong?"  Use one of the phrases from your list to get you started.  Write about a page of dialogue for writing practice. 

3.  Poetry Writing Prompts: 

Pick an emotion or phrase from your list and write a poem of 15 lines or less with that theme.


Write a poem of 15 lines or less about how you are feeling right now.

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