Monday, June 13, 2011

Writing Prompts with Bubbles

Pamela Hodson |

Today our creative writing prompts will center around bubbles.

Free Write:  Make a list of all the things that make bubbles.  You can turn this into a list poem with a more specific bubble theme OR you can pick one thing from your list and write about that any way you would like. 

Fiction Writing Practice:  Invent a character with the name Bubbles.  Is it the character's real name or a nickname?  If a nickname, how did the character get the name?  Reflect on what the character's favorite food is, what hobbies he or she has, etc. 

After you develop the traits of the character, you are welcome to start a story, of course!

Poetry Prompt:  Write a poem about a place where one can encounter bubbles.  Write about the scene and what makes it magical, special or interesting. 

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