Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writing Prompt: Sigh of the Wind


Today's creative writing prompts are inspired by a friend of mine, Carolyn Knox, who painted the picture above, "The Sigh of the Wind."  Carolyn does the most amazing water coloring paintings, and I'm blessed to have two of them in my home. I have worked on two ekphrastic projects with her over the years, and it was always a pleausre.
I thought since it is the last day in March, Carolyn's painting for inspiration would be a great one to end the month. I had to look at it twice to see the face of the wind, but it is certainly there. I love it when a picture can give two different images at once.

Poetry Prompt: Use the painting as your inspiration and write for 10 minutes without stopping. You can see yesterday's post for a link if you would like to read about ekphrastic poetry.

Creative Nonfiction Prompt: Reflect on wind and storms. Do the images provoke a memory? If so, write about it.

Fiction Prompts: Today I will offer 2 sotry starters.

Story starter 1: She could not rest. The wind rocked her conscious and she knew she had to face the truth about. . .
Story starter 2: It wasn't just the wind coming through the window. It was something more, something with. . .

Many thanks to Carolyn for granting permission to use her painting. 
Here is link to more of her paintings
You can read more about Carolyn below. 

Carolyn Knox is a watercolorist and art therapist. She painted and sold watercolors steadily for ten years before moving to California. Her paintings decorate homes, businesses and galleries mostly in the Midwest. Before focusing on painting, she was a studio potter for 15 years making functional ware, using electric kiln firings. Weaving has been another interest which she also teaches at her current position. As an art therapist, she has worked in behavioral hospitals (all ages and populations) and skilled nursing facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Here are some books on Ekphrastic Poetry:

Elastic Ekphrastic: Poetry on Art


  1. Dear Anjie,

    I very much appreciate the variety of your prompts. As an English teacher, you know it's important to tap a variety of interests for learners and writers with different learning styles. Bravo! Generating writing prompts and posting them is truly a labor of love and a generous way to help other writers. English teachers will know the the time and thought involved, and will enjoy stopping by and using your blog as a resource. I hope they take a moment to comment and let you know how they used your prompts. If you don't mind, I'd like to post it on my "Helpful Blogs and Webs" list. Either way, thank you for what you're doing here. Peace and all good things for you in work and in life.


  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Diane. I'd be delighted if you added my blog to your "Helpful Bogs and Webs."

    Peace back to you!

    Yours in the Arts,


  3. Thank you for your positive comment, Kelly! I appreciate it.



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