Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Moonlight Writing Prompt

Below is a beautiful relaxation video with moon pictures and other relaxing images of a peaceful earth.  Enjoy it while you write.

Fiction Prompt:  Put your character in moonlight and write a scene where the character reflects on his or her conflict.

Creative Nonfiction Prompt:  Write about a memory of moonlight and what you remember in the moonlight.

Poetry Prompt: Write a poem of 12 lines or less that takes place in moonlight.  However, nowhere in the poem or title will you mention the words "moon" or "light."


  1. Nice prompt – the music & video work well. The result is more than 12 lines, but what the heck. I wrote a memory (I'm no poet). Thanks.

    Deep snow reflects the cold white disc
    January midnight bright as twilight

    By the house, in silhouette, a red fox listens
    gazing toward the meadow

    The night before, I heard her scream. Vixens do that, for a mate
    unearthly shrieks from one so small and self possessed

    Now she stands
    by half-buried blackcurrants brittle and leafless
    looking away

    In the meadow, an old black dog
    snuffles, following her wild scent
    making chase with arthritic abandon

    She glides away, silhouette into shadow,
    crossing the silent road and vanishing into the woods.

    He’d never catch her, anyway

    unless she decided
    to sit a while and wait.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Rachel. The guideline of 12 lines is just a guideline. Breaking the guidelines is okay, what is most important is that we honor our creativity and write. And you did it! I love, "She glides away, silhouette into shadow,/crossing the silent road..." I'm glad you liked the prompt. Never stop writing.~Anjie


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