Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts: Titles from Random Words

Today we are going to have a little fun making titles out of random words.

Here is your random word collection I would like you to use today:

beetles, blueberries, tumble, Dixie cup, mud pit, fist-sized, twirl, change, drain, carnivorous, yell, stairwell, pears, doubts, dance, garbage can, blue, cliff, look back, reemerge, triumph, worse, news

And here are today's "rules."  However, please not that my MAJOR rule is that you can use the rules as a guidelines, but I won't send out the rule check cops if you break a rule.  So long as you come up with some writing, I'm happy.

1.  Make interesting titles out of the random words.  Please try to use a minimum of 3 words from the group in each title, and you can use two other words that are not here if you want to. (Words like "a, and, like, the, etc." don't count, and yes, you can makes things singular, plural, etc.)
2.  You should create a minimum of 5 titles.
3.  You will pick one of your titles as a prompt to start a story, poem, or piece of creative nonfiction. 

Here are some examples of titles from these random words:  

Sometimes My Doubts Tumble Like Garbage Cans

The Mystery of the Pears and the Mud Pit

And here is one request:
Please submit some of your titles in the comments section if you are up to sharing.  It might inspire someone else to write something from your idea, and we're here to inspire, encourage and support each other.  You are also free to post what you write, too. 

And if you don't like this prompt, then your other option is to write from the gorgeous picture, courtesy of  Today's picture is a castle in Edinburgh. 

For another way to use these random words as writing practice, check out the blog from a couple of weeks ago by clicking on the link below.


  1. Blueberry blue fist-sized beetles are carnivorous

    yell of doubt from the mud pit

    change tumbles down the drain

    How about that?

  2. I love them! My favorite is "change tumbles down the drain." Thanks for stopping by and posting, Sophiane. Happy writing to you!

  3. Hi, it's me again. I made a whole poem out of it in the end. Here it is:

    Change tumbles down the drain
    Over cliffs and down twirls of rain
    Like carnivorous fist-sized beetles
    It reemerges, like a bad case of triumph
    On the evening TV news
    It yells at you not to eat
    But you would rather throw it
    In the garbage can
    Than let it slide, like pears and blueberries
    In the mud-pit you call stomach
    So raise your Dixie cup song to change
    Waiting up the stairwell
    To dance into the worse fall ever

    Thanx for posting writing prompts up on twitter!

  4. This is great, Sophiane. I appreciate the feedback that let's me know the prompts are working. Love the " Then let it slide, like pears and blueberries." That image sticks with me. Keep writing. ~Anjie
    P.S.--I love your name. It's very pretty.

  5. Deafening Doubts Dancing Down the Drain

    Looking Back at the Stairwell, Hoping Something's Changed

    Trust in Change to Triumph Doubt

    I've got the Blueberry Blues, this is Yesterday's News

  6. Thank you, Jane! Check out the current post and consider wriitng a "small stone."


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