Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Words

Today is a "random word prompt" day. I got this idea from playing Poetry Poker with my poet friend Liz last weekend.  There are lots of ways to play with a random set of words.  I'll list some words and you make a choice from the three prompts below. 

1.  Pick 5 words and make a sentence with those words and only forms of those words.  You can make nouns plural, put in personal pronouns, prepositions, etc.  But stick with the root of the 5 words you choose.  That sentence can be the opening line of a story or poem.

2.  Pick 1 word that prompts a memory that makes you want to write.  Write about the memory.

3.  Use all the words in a poem.  You must use all the words, but you can also use other words, too.  Keep your poem under 20 lines.

Here are the words:  peppermint, fly, mountain, ruin, satin, polka dots, star, drip, spin, powder, blade, scream 

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