Monday, March 21, 2011

Bach with Sea Creative Writing Prompt

Happy Birthday, Johann Sebastian Bach!

In honor of Bach's birthday, I am sharing a Bach Forever by the Sea video for your writing pleasure.

Free Write Prompt: Enjoy writing to the music, and you can also pause this video if you would like to freeze an image and write from that.

Poetry Prompt: Write a short poem about the sea.

Creative Nonfiction Prompt: Write about a seaside memory.

Fiction Prompt: Lenny loved collecting shells. Every morning he would walk down to the seashore. . .


  1. Ooo I'm going to have to come back and have fun with some prompts. I came this time to meet you. Would love to talk to you more in length about several things - so glad you came by my site
    Hugs from the moon

  2. Thank you, Moondustwriter. I'm glad you liked the prompt!


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