Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Van Gogh Writing Prompt: Van Gogh's Irises

In honor of Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday, I offer you to look at these beautiful irises he painted about one year before he took his own life. 

Poetry Prompt:   Poetry from art is called ekphrastic poetry.   If you want to learn more about ekphrastic poetry, click on this link: .Otherwise, just a write poem that is inspired by this painting.

Fiction Writing Prompts:

Option 1:  Fiction can be inspired by art, too.  Look at the picture for at least 1 minute and listen for a beginning to a story and go where your pen (or keyboard) takes you. 

Option 2:  Story starter:   "Her name was Iris and her eyes were _______ . . . "

Whatever you write today, I encourage you spend a few minutes studying the painting before you write.   For me, just looking at a painting can be enough to bring on the muse.

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