Friday, March 18, 2011

Irish Steps Creative Writing Prompt

The picture above is by William Kumberger and I think it is quite fantastic, both as a picture and a writing prompt.  I'm very happy with for providing such a great variety of high quality photos for use on websites.  It's a generous service for those who are looking for pictures to use on blogs, websites, etc.  I was so taken by yesterday's picture that I thought I would look for another one from Ireland, and here it is.

For today's prompt, I offer you to try your hand at a dramatic monologue. 

Fiction/Monologue Prompt:  Think of it as fiction, and have your character climb these steps.  When your character gets to the top, write a monologue of your character reflecting on a conflict that he or she has been struggling with.  Toward the end of the monologue, have your character find some sort of internal peace/resolution with the conflict.  Try to keep the monologue under 500 words. 

I would really love some comments and examples on this exercise.  I haven't offered up a monologue before, so I'm highly interested in how it works for you.

Fiction Prompt:  Meg and Jo ran up the steps as fast as they could. . .

Poetry Prompt:  I hoped to encounter _____________,
                         but instead I discovered ____________ . . .

Creative Nonfiction:  I want to be on the brink of _____________________. . .

Happy Writing and Happy Weekend!

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