Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Star Wars Creative Writing Prompts

Well, believe it or not, today is Star Wars day according to the Writers Alamac.  In honor of Star Wars, I'm sharing the "Stars Wars Tribute" video made by "kaufmattman" for your viewing pleasure.  May it inspire you!  Many thanks to "kaufmattman" and the You Tube share button for making this available to share. Your prompts are below.  May you find one for inspiration, and may the force be with you!


Luke Skywalker said, "If there's a bright center to the universe, you are on the planet that it's farthest from."

Poetry Writing Prompt:  All life has light, or some bright center to our personal universe to keep us going.  Write a poem about the bright center of your own personal universe.
Write an ode to your favorite Star Wars character.

Memoir Prompt:  Write a memory you have about enjoying Star Wars in one way or another.  You can write about seeing one of the movies, write about a toy or collection you might have from the series, or???

Essay Prompt:  Explore Yoda's famous quote, "May the Force be with you."  What is the "Force" for you that you hope to have with you? 

Call for Action:  Please leave a comment about your favorite thing about Star Wars, a Star Wars memory, or some of your writing from the prompts.  I would love to see some comments today.  Thank you!


  1. My favorite thing in Star Wars is without a doubt...

    Vader-breaths. ;-)

  2. Funny, Misha! Thanks for commenting.


  3. My favorite thing would have to be the music. My hubby is a classically trained French horn player, so naturally we were wowed by that music. I'm dating myself, but we went to see the original movie 9 times, 8 of them just to hear the music. We completely wore out one record and had to buy a 2nd. Then we got a tape for each car. I wore mine out and had to steal my hubby's. And now, yes, we have the CDs! My 2nd favorite thing is R2D2! It's just amazing to me how expressive beeps and whistles can be!

  4. My favorite character is Yoda.Zachary made me one out of clay that I have in my office. We read all the books together and created a real bond with Star Wars.
    Thanks for bringing this back.


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