Monday, May 16, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Limericks

Today is the birthday of Edward Lear who wrote over 200 limericks in his lifetime.  Below are a couple of Lear's limericks. 

There was an Old Lady whose folly
Induced her to sit in a holly;
Whereupon by a thorn
Her dress being torn,
She quickly became melancholy.


There was an Old Man who supposed
That the street door was partially closed;
But very big rats
Ate his coats and his hats,
While that futile old gentlemen dozed.


There was an Old Person of Ischia,
Whose conduct grew friskier and friskier;
He danced hornpipes and jigs,
And ate thousands of figs,
That lively Old Person of Ischia.

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Try your hand at a limerick or two.  The two limericks show lines 1,2 and 3 ending with the same rhyme and lines 3 and 4 have a rhyme of their own.  Notice how the third limerick's last line is a summing up of the first line, and that is a technique that might make this a little easier.  You can write a limerick about the picture if you'd like or anything you want to.  Give it a try and PLEASE post your limericks (or a link to them) if you'd like.  The most important rule is to HAVE FUN with this!


Fiction Writing Prompt:  Write a silly story based on one the limericks on this page or any limerick.


Free-Write:  Free-write about today's picture OR free-write about the word "worry." 


  1. Hi. I just discovered your fun site! I specialize in writing limericks (and run weekly Limerick-Offs).

    I had lots of fun with Lear's birthday and Limerick Day, including an acrostic limerick and I Blame Edward Lear.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Madeleine. I'll look forward to visiting your site.


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