Monday, May 16, 2011

Creative Writing Prompt About Shoes

Since yesterday marked the birthday of Lyman Frank Baum (writer of The Wizard of Oz), I thought it would fun to have creative writing prompts about shoes.  In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is given the shoes of the Wicked Witch's sister to wear as she journeys through Oz.  The movie made shiny red shoes famous, and I remember buying a pair of red sparkly mary jane's for my daughter when she was young so that she could have shoes just like Dorothy. 

Free-Write:  Think about shoes to get your writing started.  Think about shoes you have worn that might have marked a special occasion, shoes you might have lost, shoes that you loved when you were a child, shoes you wanted but could not have, etc.   Go where your mind takes you.

Fun-Write:  Write about a pair of shoes you invent that can do anything.  Write about your design, what do they look like? What can they do?  What makes them special?

Fiction-Writing Practice:  Start creating a character in relation to the shoes he or she wears.  Why does your character wear those shoes?  What parts of the personality can you connect with the shoes he or she wears?


For those of you in progress with a novel, spend some time reflecting on the shoes your character wears.  Write out a scene that references which shoes your character is wearing. 

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Write an ode to your favorite pair of shoes.  They can be shoes you have now or shoes you used to have.

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