Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beethovan Kruetzer Sonata Creative Writing Prompt

It was on this day in 1803 that Beethovan's Kruetzer Sonata was first performed.  I hope you enjoy the video of Rachel Barton Pine playing this beautiful piece.  Today's creative writing prompts are based on this peaceful music.

Free-Write Prompt:  Try writing while the music is playing.  Ride the notes and see where they take you. 

Poetry Writing Prompt:  First listen to the music and jot down a list of images and emotions that go through your mind as you listen.  When you are finished, circle three things from your list and try writing a poem of 10 lines or less using the three things you circled from your list.  Of course, you can use more than three if you would like. 

Creative Nonfiction Prompt:  Write about any memory you have about listening to music.

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