Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts With Random Words

Jack Dagley |

Random Words of the Day:

charm, change, cricle, glass jars, ghost, watercolors, open, flag, hooting, anger, megaphone, barrel, rock, blocked, throw, doze, harvest, watch, escape, glitter, marbles

Fiction Writing Prompts:  Make some opening lines using 3 of the words (or any version of the words) in each line.   Then choose one to start a story. 


The charming ghosts circled her as she daydreamed about her journey. . .

He kept rocks in glass jars, next to his watercolors. . .

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Use 5 of the words in an 8-line poem.

Free-Write Prompt:  Pick a word that triggers something you can write about and write for 10 minutes without stoppping.

Happy Writing! 

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