Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creative Writing Prompts with Bicycle

Alvaro Lopez |

For today's creative writing prompts, we are going to reflect on bikes.  I would recommend everybody read this wonderful memory poem of learning to ride a bike by Sheila Packa.  It is called "Not Forgotten" and you can read it on today's Writer's Almanac by clicking on this link:

Creative Non-fiction:  Do you remember learning to ride a bike for the first time?  Write about learning how to ride a bike. 
Write about a memory of riding bikes with friends or alone.

Fiction Writing Prompt:  Write a story to  go with the picture.  Who is the person who rode the bike in the picture?  What is the person doing while the bike is parked by the shore?

Poetry Writing Prompt:  Write a poem about a bicycle you used to ride.  OR Write any poem with a bike in it.

Fun-Write:  Design your own bicycle.  What special qualities does it have?  How fast does it go?  What does it look like?


  1. Great advice!


  2. Thanks for sharing the limerick, Madeleine. It has a GREAT message within the humor.



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