Monday, October 24, 2011

Writing Prompts with SURPRISE!

Surprise! by Greencolander
Surprise!, a photo by Greencolander on Flickr.
For today's creative writing prompts, we will focus on the element of surprise. Now, this cat is not faking it, that's for sure.

Creative nonfiction prompt: Think about a time when you were really surprised, whether it was a big surprise or a little one. Write about it for 10 minutes without stopping.

Poetry Prompt:
Write a poem with an element of surprise, or write a poem with a surprising line in it.

Fiction writing prompts:

1. Write a short story where one character surprises another.
2. If you are in the middle of a novel, take one of your characters and put the character in a situation where he or she is totally surprised.

Free Write: Free write about this cat. Give the cat a name and explore his internal thoughts about whatever it is that has surprised him.


  1. Great prompt. Brought back a really special memory for me. Thanks.

  2. Delores/mybabyjohn suggested this site, so I have discovered you! I love this, and will visit often!

  3. Thank you, susan and Delores. I'm so glad this is is helpful.



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