Saturday, September 1, 2012

We Didn't Start the Fire Writing Prompts

I love this song by Billy Joel.  It is a long list of people and things that show our country's history and culture over the span of quite a few years.

For today's creative writing prompts, here are choices.  But first, enjoy the video.

1.  For Poetry:

Try making a new verse for this song using a list of things from the last year.  Make it rhyme.

OR put a verse together that is simply things from your own life.

For example, if it were me, some images that are in my surroundings that I might use are:

The 7 Dwarfs on the coffee table
bubble gum machine on my desk
the dead squirrel in my son's pool
Lemon Queen Sunflowers
Turtle ice-cream

So, first just make the list.  Then shape it and play with it to make it rhyme. It's just a fun exercise, and as always, I would love to read whatever you come up with, so please comment.

2.  For everything:  Pick one of the images from the video and use the subject in a story, essay or poem.

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  1. I really love your prompts, they're very imaginative and interesting. I wrote a little story for this one over on my blog


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