Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SciFaiku Writing Prompts

Since this is the new year, how about trying something different with regards to writing? If you have never tried a SciFaiku, I have featured it for today's writing prompt.  While it might not be new to all of you, my guess is that it is new to most of you.  I have also included fiction writing prompts and essay prompts for you, too.

Poetry Writing Prompts

A writing friend of mine just won a SciFaiku contest, and I will admit, I was not familiar with the form. I ask that you read about the genre here. 

Also, enjoy the winners of the SciFaiku contest from the blog Stars in My Sugar Bowl .

After learning about the SciFaiku form, give it a try and feel free to post your attempt in the comments section

Fiction Writing Prompts

Add to one of the following lines and see where the story takes you. Write for 5 minutes without stopping.

1. She noticed a purple cloud floating toward her. . .

2. That evening, the stars started to turn to. . .

3. The dead bodies beyond the hills began to. . .

4. He knew the sword had the secret power to. . .

Essay Prompts

1. The best thing about 2012 was. . .

2. I look forward to 2013 because. . .

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  1. time travellers
    lost in space
    turn the clock back to begin again

    sorry, I only made it to 16 syllables


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