Friday, June 15, 2012

Issa Haiku Writing Prompts

Tiger Lily by Kristymp
Tiger Lily, a photo by Kristymp on Flickr.
Happy Birthday Issa!
Last year I celebrated the birthday of  Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa by posting some of his haikus and a haiku prompt. In honor of Issa's birthday, today I will post more Issa haiku and challenge you to write haiku again for poetry prompts. Click on the other Issa link for how to write haiku. Enjoy!

amid blooming lilies
many, many prayers
to Amida Buddha

dangling from
the young buck's antler...

a green paper
mulberry leaf, offered
to the stars

For story or essay prompts today, write from the beginning of one of these phrases (from Issa's haikus): 

Dangling from. . .
Amid blooming lilies. . .

Happy Writing Everybody!

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  1. a tiger
    lurks in my garden
    burning bright


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