Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Before starting today's creative writing prompts, I would like you to enjoy a little bit of Ireland through this link .

1.  After you enjoy the journey to Ireland through the Irish eyes of  Sheelagh's "Childhood Memories in White Park Bay," write a snippet of one of your own childhood memories.   Write for 10 minutes without stopping.

When the time is up, take you idea and turn it into a short memoir or a poem.  Or, if you want to get creative with the true story, change the details and turn it into fiction.

2.  And for another option, spend two minutes writing down everything green you think of starting with things within your vision, then expanding.  After that, pick something from your list and begin to create something from that. 

3.  You may also enjoy last year's St. Patrick's Day creative writing prompts if you haven't already.  Just click


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  1. Ill have to think about this one for a is my favourite colour and there is a lot of it around me.


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