Friday, February 17, 2012

Silent Love Writing Prompts

Love by Noël Zia Lee
Love, a photo by Noël Zia Lee on Flickr.
"This love is silent." T.S. Eliot

Today's creative writing prompts are based on the subject of love without words. 

Essay Prompt: Write an essay on the topic of love shown through actions.

Poetry Prompt: Write a poem about a scene where love is observed. Do not use the word "love" in your poem.

Story Prompt: In the picture we see a dog, and only a small part of a person. Write about this person. What kind of day has the person had? What comfort is found through the dog?

Happy Writing!


  1. Hello Anjie,

    I have not posted on your blog before. Thank you for this prompt.

    I hope it is OK to provide a link to an already written poem of mine that fits this prompt (Nursing on a Park Bench). If not, feel free to delete this comment.

    I will also work on writing a new one.

    1. Thank you so much, Danny. I believe we can always learn from other poems, so I thank you very much for posting a link to yours, especially since it fits the theme. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop in again.


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