Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blueberry Writing Prompts

Blueberries by La Grande Farmers' Market
Blueberries, a photo by La Grande Farmers' Market on Flickr.
Have you ever picked blueberries? What are your memories of blueberries? What do blueberries remind you of?

1. Memoir Prompt: Write about a memory of blueberries.

2. Poetry Prompt: Do an acrostic poem with the word BLUEBERRIES written down the side of your paper.  Make a reference to something that is shade of blue in four of the lines.  Here is a rough draft starter example:

Blueberry picking time in Michigan, and I
Love the wild taste of blueberries fresh from the patch
Under a sizzling sky
Blue thoughts of pies, jam, and cobbler cloud my mind, this
Eternal summer to be frozen in a Ziplocfor winter blues protection, but
Right  now you are fresh, real,
I've never known sweeter blues than this taste of July
Endless rows of blue paradise
Succulent summer, so delicioius and short, I savor you in blue. 


  1. I love your prompts.... but wish you'd get off the summer theme. We've just had our coldest day and night in 25 years down here in Oz!

  2. Thanks, Kate. I appreciate your honesty. Today's prompt isn't tied to Wisconsin's summer season. I'll try to be more alert and mindful to my global audience. Let me know if you have any topic suggestions, and stay warm in Oz!



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